Eastie vs Southie...Real Estate Edition

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Eastie vs Southie...Real Estate Edition

There's always been a rivalry between East Boston & South Boston, or Eastie and Southie as they're sometimes known. This year marked the 100th anniversary of the Eastie vs Southie Thanksgiving-time football game, which is always a good time. This neighborhood rivalry continues off the field and into the Real Estate market with both neighborhoods having their plusses and minuses. Living in East Boston for the past 10 years has made me a bit biased, but we'll let the numbers speak for themselves.


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While South Boston had a significant amount more condos sold in 2018, the average sales price is nearly $300,000 more than condos in East Boston! $300,000! Crazy isn't it? Looking at it on an average price per square foot metric, we're still looking good over here in Eastie, coming in at $207.03 less per square foot than Southie. If you're buying a typical 1,000 square foot condo you're saving yourself $207,030 on average!

There are a few other things to point out here, on average, 2017 vs 2018 saw a larger percentage increase in sales prices for condos in Southie as compared to Eastie. Additionally, something that is huge for buyers, South Boston saw a DECREASE in average days to offer of 8% year over year. That means offers are coming in even faster, meaning increased bidding wars and the need to be on your game if you're serious about a place. Eastie actually saw an increase in average days to offer of 3%. Properties are staying on the market a bit longer, giving buyers the advantage and allowing for a bit more time to make your decision, which is a big one.

Long story short, East Boston provides you more for your hard earned dollar, and potentially more time to make one of the biggest decisions of your life. If you've never been over to this side of the harbor and would like a neighborhood tour, feel free to contact me via my website, at 617-285-0727 or email at andrew@andrewpikere.com. I love to show off everything my neighborhood has to offer. Let me show you around! Check out a few East Boston example listings below.

64 Frankfort St, Unit 3 - Jeffries Point - $435,000

64 Frankfort St, Unit 6 - Jeffries Point - $449,000

75 Eutaw St, Unit 2 - Eagle Hill - $489,000

91 Trenton St, Unit 2M - Eagle Hill - $574,000

99 Everett St, Unit 2A - Jeffries Point - $655,000

*Listings updated January 5th, 2019

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*Data is Year to Date South Boston (02127 zip code only) vs East Boston (02128 zip code only) as of 12/17/2018. Data is for condominium sales in these two zip codes only. No claim to data accuracy has been made.